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Read & Eat- The Food Edition

Presenting the Food Edition. Truthfully I don’t have editions but I’ve always wanted to say that. Switching it from Read & Make to inspire you with Read & Eat through these delicious picture books.  image from Apple Cake A lot, but not all these books have real recipes you can […]

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We get you Cactus, we could all use a hug right now

Today’s Read + Make  This fun and easy project requires no shopping as long as you have paint and cardboard.  I’ve included a fun pattern that slips right into the other like a puzzle, feel free to change up the shape, get creative. Maybe it needs arms, it definitely needs […]

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Graphic Novels are books too!

New Kid by Jerry Craft made history by becoming the first graphic novel to recieve the Newbery Medal, picking up the Coretta Scott King Author Award along the way. One of the readers in our home has been a fan of graphic novels since early on. I never shied away from letting […]

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