A Velocity of Being – Letters to a Young Reader

I would be doing any reader and lover of picture books a great disservice if I didn’t share this book in all its brilliance.

Every page drips with inspiration in visuals and text. Diverse voices and artwork fill the pages and just like a good story, some you will get lost in and others may make you weep, but collectively you will know the power of reading. It’s hard not to fall deeply in love with this wonderful piece of literature.

“Dear Reader,

Teachers and other adults too will tell you a lot of things you may argue with eventually- you may well have your own different ideas, and perhaps better ones. But about the importance of learning to write and read, easily and fluently, you will never argue. Such wonderful people will speak to you- to YOU – from the pages. Such adventures you will have through their telling, that you would never otherwise have! And all because the words on the page are not a puzzle but a door to many worlds. To write is delight, to read is to plant the seed of endless excitement. I promise you.

Yours, Mary Oliver”

A Velocity of Being: Letters to a Young Reader will be in the home and library of everyone big and small that loves to read. If you have someone special that you love, give them this book.