Begin Again in 2024 with a message of hope

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
With your one wild and precious life?
—Mary Oliver

From the wonderful mind of Oliver Jeffers, Begin Again is a thought provoking story about where our story began as humans and what may lie ahead of us in the future.

“A story has yet to be told, a story we must all tell together.”
2023 may have found you successes, maybe you spent time nurturing yourself, or family, maybe your world fell apart or the grief of the year was enough to carry and there was room for no more.
No matter where we’re at in life—grieving or celebrating, expanding or contracting – we become bigger so that we can hold space for all of it.

I am forever working to expand my capacity for empathy, awareness of the world around me, and to find and listen to all stories and to share that.

Hoping that 2024 will allow us all to Begin Again and tell “better stories. Bigger ones where we all fit inside the same powerful plot”.

There is wild beauty in this life on Earth
And Hope
Wherever you look for it”.