King Mouse and the crowns of quarantine

I’m optimistic friends. I live in the world of children, it’s impossible to not have hope.

It’s strange to think there is a time when someone might come across this post and remember our time of quarantine. We did it because we cared about each other and we came together as a community. This little part of the world is the platform that I share from, and I hope it brings you some hope, good books and fun activities as we settle into a slower way of living.

Let’s be kings and queens of this time shall we?

What you’ll need for this project!

paint: gold/silver/bronze …or hey….let’s do hot pink! whatever makes you feel most royally you.

paint brush

glue/hot glue

empty toilet paper rolls (coveted in this time)


egg carton 


bobby pin + button, hair barrette, headband

Two kinds of crowns:

Toilet Paper Roll

Cut the toilet paper roll in two. One side will be the crown, the other will be the bottom of the crown. Cut the shape of the crown you like best. Cut the other side of the toilet paper roll into a strip. Put the crown you just made on top of it to trace around it. Cut the circle you just drew and glue the crown to the circle. Once the glue is dry, paint it. Next after everything is dry attach it to the fascinator of your choice. (mentioned: bobby pin, barrette, headband) 

*note- For a bobby pin, glue a button to the top of the pin first (mentioned: bobby pin, barette, headband)

Egg Carton

Cut one of the egg carton holders apart from the rest. The shape is pretty close to a crown at this point, but I cut mine extra-pointy because I channeled my inner Queen of Hearts style although I’m most like Alice because I like a good adventure and rabbits.

Paint.  After it’s nice and dry glue your crown to the fascinator of your choice (mentioned: bobby pin, barette, headband)

Mouse finds a crown and declares itself King! But his ruling is threatened when other animals find crowns too, all but Bear that is. Mouse finds a way for Bear to have a crown but more important than ruling is their company and the beautiful sunset they enjoy together.

I could put a lot here into the meaning of this story in our time of social distancing like the importance of sharing with your community. Let’s just sit together, wherever we may be, and enjoy the sunset because no matter how far away we may be, the sun rises and sets and we have the power to care for each other.

King Mouse by Cary Fangan Illustrated by Dena Seiferling